LSAT India Syllabus 2022

The candidate must consult the LSAT India 2022 syllabus before they jump into exam preparation.

Sections Number of questions Time allotted per section
Analytical Reasoning 23 35 minutes
1st Logical Reasoning 22 35 minutes
2nd Logical Reasoning 23 35 minutes
Reading Comprehension 24 35 minutes
Variable 23 35 minutes
Total 92 (approx) 2 hour and 20 minutes


LSAT India Syllabus 2022 – Key Pointers

Subject Description
Analytical Reasoning 1. Will test the candidate’s ability to understand structural relationships and to draw logical conclusions related to the topics.
2. The candidate has to apply deductive reasoning to answer questions pertaining to a set of statements and rules or principles describing relationships between people, things, or events.
3. Questions will also be asked involving complex analyses which are typically found in the legal domain.
Logical Reasoning 1. The candidate has to critically evaluate and analyze and complete arguments.
2. Questions will be asked from short passages involving critical thinking. Emphasis of the questions will be to evaluate the candidate’s legal reasoning ability and capability to derive valid conclusions using analogy, evidence, principes, and flaws in arguments
Reading Comprehension 1. The candidate will have to read, comprehend, and draw insight from given passages.
2. The section will include four sets of reading questions, each followed by 4-9 questions.